The Marshall Square Resource Network (MSRN) is a place-based coalition of more than 45 institutional partners that advances bold, integrated solutions in health, education, peace, and community response. Founded in 2010, MSRN members span multiple sectors, and include both neighborhood-based and city-wide partners.


A thriving Marshall Square community in which residents have the knowledge, capacity and options to achieve dreams and contribute to community well being.


To increase the capacity and strength of stakeholders serving our diverse Marshall Square neighborhood by collaborating toward common goals that increase community wellness.

Focus Areas

  • Health

    Improving the health of Marshall Square community members through comprehensive health education, expanded access to health services, and promotion of healthy environments.

  • Education

    Promoting educational equity and achievement by improving conditions for learning, expanding access to resources, and fostering resilient engagement among children, youth, and families in Marshall Square.

  • Peace

    Shaping a neighborhood culture towards more peaceful understanding and resolution.

  • Community Response

    Addressing the impact of immigration, domestic violence, and other emergency situations through improved access to resources, strategic interventions and advocacy.

Network Partners