What We Do

  • Immigration

    Immigration Legal Services - Latinos Progresando
    • VAWA Project

      Part of the flagship immigration legal service program, the VAWA Project provides full-service, completely free legal support to immigrants surviving domestic violence and sexual assault.

    • Community Education

      In order to deliver honest and accurate information to our community, Latinos Progresando provides educational presentations on the immigration legal process, policy changes and more in schools and other community-based organizations.

    • Sector Building

      Leveraging 20 years of experience in the field, Latinos Progresando provides operations-focused training and technical assistance to emerging and expanding immigration legal services providers across the United States.

  • Culture

    Teatro Americano
    • MEX talks

      A dynamic annual, one-day showcase featuring Mexican and Mexican American speakers, MEX talks celebrates the history, contributions and rich diversity of the Mexican culture in the United States

    • Teatro Americano

      Once a multi-generational ensemble, today, Teatro Americano provides youth with the skills, confidence and opportunity to write, produce and perform original plays based on their experience and the stories of their community.

  • Community

    Community Development - Latinos Progresando
    • Marshall Square Resource Network

      A collective of more than 40 institutional partners, the Marshall Square Resource Network focuses on a particular geography on Chicago’s southwest side, delivering collaborative solutions in health, education and peace, while also building the capacity of member agency staff.

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    • Marshall Square Education + Wellness Summit

      The annual Marshall Square Education Summit is an annual event for community parents, youth and professionals to share resources, network, and learn new skills for the purpose self-development and supporting children’s education.

    • Wellness Programs

      Working with schools and partners, Latinos Progresando provides a train-the-trainer social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum for community parents, nutrition education and physical fitness.

    • Miller Perez Family Scholarship Fund

      Named in memory of the mother-son duo Dr. Angela Perez Miller and Dion Miller Perez, the fund provides financial assistance for students from immigrant families to pursue higher education.