A multi-generational impact

Latinos Progresando provides professional, affordable immigration legal services to thousands of families every year, from more than 40 countries around the world. The agency is recognized by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and staffed by DOJ-accredited representatives.

Entire families trust Latinos Progresando to guide them through some of the most critical points in their lives.

One of those families is The Jaras.

With Latinos Progresando’s assistance, Marcos Jara became a US citizen, allowing him to finally submit petitions to bring family members from Ecuador to the United States. For the Jaras, this meant embarking on a journey of faith and opportunity.

Denisse Jara, granddaughter of Marcos, has discovered a new way of looking at life. Attaining higher education and working a living wage job once seemed impossible for her, but now she’s in Chicago doing both, and feeling eternally grateful to the people who help sustain Latinos Progresando’s work.

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For more stories, visit latinospro.org/missionuplift.

Mission:Uplift is about sharing the amazing stories that come from our community, while at the same time lifting up the mission of Latinos Progresando, an organization that unlocks the potential in everyone who walks through our doors. Follow us on social media (@latinospro): over the next several weeks, Latinos Progresando will be sharing unique stories of people impacted by our organization, leading up to our 22nd anniversary in January.

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