A new chapter with Latinos Progresando’s support

During the last decade, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) welcomed more than 7.2 million naturalized citizens into the fabric of our nation.

Thousands of those naturalized once walked through the doors of Latinos Progresando on Chicago’s southwest side. Latinos Progresando provides professional, affordable immigration legal services to thousands of families every year, from more than 40 countries around the world. The agency is recognized by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and staffed by DOJ-accredited representatives.

Latinos Progresando’s work impacts people across the lifespan. Two of those people are 70-year-old Arturo and 87-year old Maria. Like many others, Arturo suffered in silence for many years as he struggled with uncertainty about his immigration status. Although he was legally living in the US, his dream of becoming a US citizen lingered in his mind for decades until he asked Latinos Progresando for guidance.

“At LP, we encourage everyone to seek a legal consultation from an attorney or accredited representative before making any assumptions on what your immigrant story might become.”

-Marcy Gonzalez, Chief Operating Officer at Latinos Progresando

Maria Luisa Guerrero de Alvarez, from Mexico, committed herself to fulfill her dream of becoming a US citizen at age 87, even if that meant balancing studying, preparation, and attending the interview and oath ceremony while undergoing dialysis treatment. Maria turned to us for support and guidance through the challenging process. Now that she’s a US citizen, Maria encourages everyone to visit Latinos Progresando.

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Mission:Uplift is about sharing the amazing stories that come from our community, while at the same time lifting up the mission of Latinos Progresando, an organization that unlocks the potential in everyone who walks through our doors.

Follow us on social media (@latinospro): over the next several weeks, Latinos Progresando will be sharing unique stories of people impacted by our organization, leading up to our 22nd anniversary in January.

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